3 is never a crowd

3 is never a crowd

3 is never a crowd
Publish on: Dec 27 ,2020

When it comes to staying on top of the latest design trends, it’s just as important to know what’s “out” as it is to know what’s “in.”

White and grey are both colourless and as a result it’s a trend here to stay! But incorporating it with another colour or texture creates an elegant warmth! But what’s in and where do you start?
WOOD – Be it tiles, furniture or interiors; it has a wonderfully light airiness about it. Adding the right hint of warmth and character really emphasises on the natural grain.
Using wood provides clarity of space whilst achieving a bright and cheerful atmosphere, however be sure to carefully consider layouts, use uplifting accent colours and trendy home accessories with an element of fun.
It is a great choice for both classic and modern interiors.

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