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Nolte named most popular kitchen brand

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Villeroy & Boch Launches Its First High-Quality Laminate Flooring Line

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10mm Present Chesnut

10mm Present Chesnut

Classic and Modern Decors for Stylish Living

Villeroy & Boch is launching its first high-quality Flooring Line.

Its four collections – Country, Contemporary, Heritage and Cosmopolitan – comprises a total of 22 decors which leave no doubt that today’s laminate floors can be both classic and modern at the same time.

Most of the designs are timeless variations and interpretations of Oak. They are produced using nature-identical embossing technology, thus ensuring three-dimensional surfaces that are indistinguishable from actual wood grain. The result is a perfect imitation of natural wood structures with a realistic look & feel.

Country: As Beautiful As Nature 

Contemporary: Elegant Ambience 

Heritage: Inspired by the Tried and Tested 

Cosmopolitan: Urban Charm 


Why not come and visit our showroom and take a look at the new range for yourself?

If you have any questions or require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Why should I choose LED LIGHTING?

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Why should I choose LED LIGHTING?

Even though LED technology has been around for some time, it is only recently that advances in technology, the lower cost of LED and increased energy prices have made LED ideal for domestic and commercial lighting.

The advantages 

LED lighting products perform better in most circumstances; here are some of the advantages:

  • Save up to 85% on energy costs, a major difference, when compared to filament or halogen lamps such as GU10s
  • A reduction in energy use and production leads to lower CO2 emissions
  • LED lamps light up instantly – unlike many CFL bulbs
  • Produce much less heat than filament bulbs
  • Are mercury-free (unlike CFL bulbs)
  • LED lamps last much longer (20X longer that a filament bulb) leading to a reduction in maintenance costs
  • For the home, retro-fit LED lamps can be fitted in minutes, so you can enjoy the benefits immediately


Colour Tempetature

LED lighting unlike the conventional halogens is available in various colour temperatures:

  • 2700K – Extra Warm White
  • 3000K – Warm White
  • 4000K – Cool White
  • 6000K – Daylight

Choosing the temperature of your LED Lighting is a personal preference. You may like the conventional Warm White or you may prefer a brighter feel with the Cool White or Daylight. You could also mix and match and choose the temperature that best suits your needs. You may choose the Warmer light in the Living and Bedrooms and the Cooler light in the Kitchen, Bathroom or Study Room. Cool White and Daylight is also the most preferred option for Commercial and retail applications.

Why not like our Facebook page where we will be having some amazing LED SPECIAL OFFERS in the next few days, alternatively you can email for any enquiries or advice.

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Chrome – a material with which we have once again set a trend: no matter how well organised the interior of a drawer or pull-out may be, it shines even more brightly with this elegant material.

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Light gives the kitchen a homely atmosphere and creates highlights. Particularly convenient – and astonishingly elegant – it is used in our drawers and pull-outs. Even in our tall and up to 75 cm deep wonders of storage space, tableware, pots and pans shine brightly.


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GlasLine – Glass side frames. Elegant metal at the bottom, robust clear glass on top. This high-quality combination of materials is exclusively available from Nolte Kitchen for the sides of 300 and 450 mm high drawers.

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The fine art of kitchen planning: storing cutlery, tableware and provisions without wasting an inch of space so that nothing is in the way and everything in its place. Our interior organizers make the work easier for you and keep everything neat and orderly. We can offer you a large selection of practical and aesthetic solutions, in metallic finish plastic, genuine beech wood and wedge look with partitions in aluminium.

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Worktops are quality products! Regardless of whether you choose the elegant, plain coloured decors or one of the realistically reproduced stone decors with innovative surface finish: they all stand out through their exceptional appearance and make your kitchen something special!

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Worktops in wood effect are just as varied as the forests of the world. They feel so fantastically natural – exactly as you would expect.

Best of all: we can offer you a matching worktop for every carcass.


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Whichever kitchen you choose: it is only perfect when it also meets the highest quality standards on the inside too. To create a homogeneous overall picture, all 16 carcass units feature the same decor inside and outside in every single kitchen built by NOLTE.

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