Blum Mechanism

Blum Mechanism

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Watching everyday kitchen use

You have to know the habits, requirements and wishes of users if you want to develop products that are tailored to their actual needs.

Kitchen surveys worldwide – 
That’s why Blum investigates the everyday use of kitchens. In the course of our kitchen surveys, we visit kitchen users in their homes all over the world.


We watch, analyse and strive to understand

Blum has been carrying out intensive research for almost ten years. We use video cameras and various tools such as measuring devices and questionnaires for our surveys.

The focus is on kitchen users – We have not only established country-specific differences but also a great many similarities. For example, the main worktop is ideally between the sink and hob and should be about 90 cm wide – regardless of country. Ergonomic aspects have worldwide applicability too. Kitchen users all over the world do not like to bend down, stretch or climb onto worktops to reach things.

Our kitchen surveys show us what the main activities and workflows are in kitchens. They allow us to identify the demands made of practical kitchens, for example, storage space, inner dividing systems, and tell us what is demanded of our products. The insights we gain are incorporated into the development of new products.

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