Gala GAA203

Gala enters the scene on an exuberant note... GALA
With all its splendour, Gala welcomes us in a magnificent atmosphere, worthy of an evening at the opera, and reminds us of the universe of Fortuny, eclecticism mingling Venice to Byzantium. This non-woven collection around the leitmotiv of damasks, while two timeless plains, one matt and one metallic, complete the range. Sumptuous atmospheres, soft or generous and warm, back and forth between shadows and light, contrasts and baroque accents, gold and silver lustre... Straight away, Gala enters the scene on an exuberant note with a large baroque damask in deep orange enhanced with gold leaf, continues with a small classic damask, carries us off with a damask design with ottoman accents and ends its journey with a contemporary textured and embossed damask.

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