Worktops Care and maintenance

Worktops Care and maintenance

Worktops Care and maintenance
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With the selection of a natural stone or quartz for your worktops, you have chosen a product with highly unique qualities.

In order to ensure that your Stone worktops natural qualities and aesthetics are benefited from fully, we have prepared some care and maintenance guidelines.

What should I use for every day cleaning?

Most surfaces are finished with either a polished or honed face and will retain their lustre and intensity of colour for a great amount of years. The only maintenance required is that of regular washing with clean soapy water to remove surface dirt. The use of bleaches and other stronger detergents is not recommended as they may affect the finish of the surface.

Will food or drink stain the stone?

Your worktops have been sealed to protect against normal everyday stains. However, spillages such as wines, and acid/alkaline substances, (i.e. champagne, vinegar, lemons) should be wiped clean as soon as possible.

It is recommended that substances be removed from the surfaces at the earliest possible opportunity, this is to ensure risk of damage/staining is limited.

Can hot pans from the cooker be placed upon the Stone?

Granite and Quartz have a high level of heat resistance; therefore, as a material for use as a worktop surface, hot pots/pans can be placed directly onto the surface, but only for a short period of time. Spillages of hot oils/fats should be removed from the surface at the earliest possible time. We also recommend the use of a pan stand or pan rods, wherever possible but it all depends on usage of hot pans and the duration you plan on keeping it on the surface.

Can I use Granite or Quartz as a cutting surface?

As with any high-quality work surface, care should be taken when cutting, as you will blunt your utensils / knives. Do not cut on the surface, if possible.

Can I expect variations in the colour and veining of my Granite or Quartz?

Yes – unlike Quartz products, Granite is a material which is from a natural source, and has a beauty which is unique and is impossible to create under factory conditions. Variations in both colour and veining will occur in Granite and quartz. During the manufacturing process, it may be necessary to fill and polish any open crevices or pit marks, which are present in the material as a natural characteristic of the stone.

Payment Terms – 50% deposit before Template. Balance on scheduling of fitting.


Templating –

All base units should be fully fitted upon our arrival for templating. Second template visit’s will encore and additional cost of £75 + VAT. The person/s responsible/occupiers of the premises are required to be present for templating. All details discussed in regards to the worktop finish needs to be specified to the templater regardless of what had been discussed with the office on order confirmation. Any technical details should be discussed with our staff at the time of quotation and again with the fitters on template. If you require any changes or extra pieces it is your responsibly to inform the office on the day of template, will assume the template is as what was quoted. If there are any changes in size or layout then you will be contacted by a member of staff between 1-4 days after templating, at which point you will be advised about any extra costs. Please ensure you sign the templating sheet provided by the fitters.

Fitting –

Fitting is generally 7-10 working days after template, dependant on availability at the time. We will contact you 4-6 days after template to schedule the fitting. Fitting can be any time from 9-6. A time slot will be provided, and the fitter can come anytime with-in that time frame. We will try our best to update you if for whatever reason our fitters have been held up due to unforeseen circumstances. If circumstances are unavoidable we may have to re-schedule the installation to another day. Under such circumstances please be patient with us as we will try and reschedule you in at the earliest date possible. Klynstone are not responsible for any form of plumbing or electrical connections. These tradesmen need to complete their fixers and fittings after the worktop has been installed.

Resealing –

Your worktops have been sealed, however we recommend you seal it every year. Klynstone can advise, please ask our member of staff for recommendations.  End Panels – The normal joint for these materials will be a butt joint with a 5mm overhang. Also, available as extra are flush fitting butt joints and a flush fitted mitre joint. In all instances the panel will be manufactured to the correct height as the material is not easily scribed to the floor.

Joints – Joints are finished with a small arises to the top edge. Silicone sealant is applied to prevent water ingression. Joints can break away if there is movement in the structure of the floor or your base units. If there is movement you are required to reseal the join.

Thermal Expansion – Stone can expand up to 1mm per metre. A gap of at least 1-2mm should be left at each end of the worktop when fitted and filled with decorator’s caulk. When the material is joined to other materials (such as glass, steel or wood) an elastic type of adhesive, for example polyurethane, is required for expansion and this would need to be applied by your builder. Klynstone will only secure and finish stone to stone. The sealing of stone to wall, or stone to kitchen units will need to be done by your builder as we will not take responsibility of damages done to other materials or wall finishes. Should you request our fitter to so, then your painter/ builder may be required to do touch-up after our works are completed.

Warp Tolerance – A tolerance of +-2mm is acceptable in stone countertops.

Overhangs and Supports – Any overhang which extends more than 300mm should be supported by yourself. Any sink larger than 600mm or Hob cut outs larger than 700mm will require additional support. There will be an additional charge of £100-150 if a metal rod is required to be fitted.

Hobs – There is no warranty on recessed hobs and finished edges on recessed hobs if serrated or chipped. There must be a minimum of 70mm between two hob cut-outs and or between hob and sink cut-outs.

Sink cut-outs – A minimum of 60-70mm is required from the front of the sink and between two sink cut-outs. All quotations are based on 1 x square cut out for hobs and sinks. Please specify if you require further cuts outs.

Up stands –Standard height is 100mm unless specified. Up stands are not cut from the same slab as the worktop unless in 20mm, therefore there may be a colour variation. We are not responsible for filling the gap between the worktop and wall as we will not touch another tradesman work i.e. painter.

Scratching – Stone is scratch resistant but not scratch-proof. Small scratched less than 25mm in length are considered within tolerance by the manufacturer and are considered acceptable.

Handling – For installation you will need to ensure a clear path from the front door to the kitchen. It is your responsibility to ensure there is good parking facility for a van to be parked outside for between 2-4 hours. Any waste material including cardboard boxes or glue will not be disposed by Klynstone.

Colour Variation – Drainer grooves and recessed drainers may be duller than the rest of the polished surface. Colour matching is not always possible as the stone can vary dramatically throughout each slab. Samples should be used as a guide only, especially those of Granite or Marble.

Pitting & Veining – As granite is a natural stone, pitting and veining will occur in random distribution of swirls. Subtle variations in shade or areas of contrast will also appear within the body of the work surface. You may also experience this with Quartz, however it will not be as evident as with Granite.

Fissures, Blemishes & Natural Flaws – Some level of what could be referred to as spots or blotches are inherent in the material. Small fissures are a common feature in any granite or marble and these natural flaws are present at the rock formation. We cannot control the outcome of natural stone.

Stainless Steel Sinks – Please specify the preferred under mounting of stainless steel sinks. Silicone sealant may be rendered ineffective when plumbing the sink in, it is important that the sink is resealed by the plumber, or the 12 months’ warranty will be invalidated. Your builder is also required to support the sink after installation by fixing some timber of ‘L’ shaped metal support either under the sink itself or under the edge rim so that it has extra support and can with-hold future weight. If a waste disposal unit is fitted to an under mounted sink after installation, additional support is crucial, otherwise your warranty would also be invalidated. This should be carried out 6-12 hours after our installation and before use of sink.

Points of Note – The molecular structure renders granite/marble very stable and rigid. It will not bend or flex, therefore granite is not suitable in long span applications. Limiting factors like access, stairs, service lift size and the fragile nature of the worktops should also be taken into consideration. Due to the nature of granite, thickness of worktops can vary slightly. Klynstone endeavour to keep this variation within a tolerance of +/-2mm.

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